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Mönchengladbach is a wonderful place to live. With its population of almost 270,000, it is the largest city to the left of the Lower Rhine. Its character derives from an attractive combination of urban flair and rural charm – no wonder the city, with its many parks and woods, is also called the ‘city in the countryside’. We have so much more to offer; such as the arts and culture.  There are important historical buildings, world famous museums, a renowned theatre and a lively cabaret and ‘little arts’ scene. Those who like shopping need look no further than Mönchengladbach which has many pedestrian precincts and shopping arcades which cater for all tastes. Rhineland people do know how to enjoy themselves and Mönchengladbach’s folk are no exception. Carnival is just one example of the spectacular events which take place in our city, along with the ‘Veilchendienstagszug’ (Violet Tuesday Carnival Procession) which is not to be missed. We hope to give you a flavour of life in our city in this little brochure, but the best impressions are always the personal ones. So come to Mönchengladbach and get to know the city and its friendly, warm-hearted people.

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